Idle Frontier-Magic Adventure Customer Reviews:


It's ok

Could be better...translations are a bit off

Amazing Game!!

This is an awesome game with great gameplay both active and idle. The graphics are super awesome. There are a great variety of classes and equipments to choose from. There is just so much fun to be had! Definitely a 5/5. Would recommend 100%!!

It's pretty addictive

Account deleted?

Loved thia game before today.Had phone issues so I got a new one. Used my Facebook account to log into this game and now it's just gone whenever i use my Facebook account. Great all my purchases down the drain.

499 mb in SD Storage

Really? Why Im having 499 mb for this game? Can you give an answer?

Its fun when I can connect

I have a very large data package and strong Internet signal, yet it decides to say I'm not connected, and I'm unable to do anything else

Cant even start the game

Love this game but..

It's error again keep forcing close, was fixed but it happens again..

The game is good i downloaded also in my ipad, but only 3 base heroes? You could add maybe 2 more like the goblin or the giant or something like that, overall the gameplay is good, hopefully the update will catch some player's attention Game rating: 6/10

Love it, can spend time useful but still had fun

Sadly priest class had low chance activation on heal, just my opinion, regen aura maybe to enhance as priest act

Tutorial takes over 20 minutes. DEVELOPERS NEED TO STOP THIS.

server select

it just keeps going from server select to facebook confirm. i also tried making an account but null msg and something i cant read

Server 17 chat problem?

Vip so dead fludge

cant buy gems from new zealand pls take my money

Game looks good but was unplayable.

Asks for just about as many permissions as you the owner get. Huge invasion of privacy with 70% of permissions to top it off game doesn't even run 5 seconds without a reconnect. Seems like a scam.


I just lost a couple thousand mithril just now. I bought a package at the flash sale and when i used it. It says i gained this amount of mithrils. And when i checked it there was nothing. Please fix this immediately .

Translated poorly

It could be game but not,,, it so translated a badly that play = not fun

Like the gameplay, like the animation, love it!

Hello, I'm from server 13. Guild TEKOTEH, guild id 1133. This game is good, addictive, and fun. You don't need money to get strong. But if you impatient, you can use some money and get strong so fast. I have some issue, i want to edit my character name, but i can't. Everytime i done typing i can't tap confirm. Same goes for guild description. It's important to write description, so people know what kind of guild TEKOTEH is. And the chatting. Please fix chatting. Still error after the last update. Thank you


Why would you need access to everything including camera and sms?

Looks good?

The game looks really fun but no matter what I do it won't let me log in to play it, Facebook says I authorized it but it won't log in, I can't create an account , and fast sign in doesn't work, everything gives me "error message null"... Please tell me what I'm doing wrong


Opened new servers almost every 2 weeks? Try doing something on the playerbase on a server first, the "latest" server im at prolly have less than 100 active users and they already opened a new one.... and the old one is starting to become a ghost server

Log in problem

This game is good. Easy and simple. Entertaining and addictive.

Win rate needs fixing

There is no way in a hundred year where your win rate is 100% and you STILL F*CKING LOSE! How do you lose with a 100% win rate?!

A few problems

After awhile, the end game content really doesn't exist. There should be raids or harder quests with bigger rewards. Not only that, it's near impossible to get divine gear unless you drop some heavy cash. That is not okay. The developers definitely need to communicate better. Also oracle battles need to happen more often.


although this country don"t like who try studying or they always killed who has high enough education I"m not afraid and try to study ...etc thanks



i like the game,it has nice graphics,good characters development. but why not 5 stars ? the equipment system is not really good,i think you must put class restrictions on equip,it's awkward when mage using sword.


Recent update broke the game for me

Since the latest update I now get a blank screen when trying to access my party menu, which makes it impossible for me to replace or upgrade gear. Other than that, I love this game! Once the bug is fixed I'll give a 5 star rating. :)

After update, all my characters are gone, all my progress, everything. I was going to recommend it to my buds but now, you lost that.

Good game but full of Bugs

I didn't receive 2888 crystal reward after recharge. Please fix this. My ign is 0Lucian

No chat like a dead server

Best Game for Work

This game is fun a nd is perfect for idle when I am working. Everything is perfect except for the guild, chat system, and the constant new servers. I don't want to be on a server where everyone leaves because there is a new server now. Also make it more lively. Put up a counter for how any players are on that server. Feels like I'm playing alone when I do my dailies


I love it

Great game, easy concept.

Same old same old.

Poor game

Good anime good graphics and epic game. The most sadly things is the game is auto control. Come on guys make the game more excited to play. (In my opinion remake the game with semi auto or active skills. People get more excited when they can control by them self with active skill. I love this game but as u know the game is useless for me to play n have to uninstall it thx.

I like the game's potential. There were some server lags when I first joined. But now, the lag was definitely lessened.

Don't spend money on this game

My account got wiped twice the devs don't reply to the comments stay clear of this game the devs are scammers

Looks Fun

Looks fun, but I can't play because the game won't open due to an error. I've uninstalled it for now, and may try again later.